Instant Stardom: The Rise of Internet Celebrities

Instant Stardom: The Rise of Internet Celebrities

Most of us have had some type of fantasy of walking the red carpet, standing in the spotlight, and seeing our name in lights. Becoming rich and famous is no longer a dream left to young children searching to be the center of attention.  We’ve come a long way from the days of talent management ring leaders holding the key to that day’s biggest star, or patiently waiting for the next edition of your favorite entertainment magazine to hit the shelf to catch the latest celebrity gossip.

Nope. Those days are long gone. Now we can literally track celebrities almost instantaneously through a smartphone, mobile device, or anywhere you can access the internet. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter give us daily insight into our favorite celebrity’s thoughts and activities. Instagram and Snapchat even let us see their world through their eyes and a filter. YouTube gave people their own channels in order to capture an audience. These social networks are able to keep tabs on everyone who is anyone. Fame and stardom are no longer solely based on critic reviews and ratings. Our society now assigns value based on likes, clicks and followers.

This instant clickable world of celebrities has opened the door for the average Joe to rise up to fame. Introducing – the Internet Celebrity. From “fitspo,” to “brow goals,” to viral comedic videos, anyone with the right filter, entertaining content and an insane amount of likes and followers can instantly hit the top of the trending topics list.

The millennial generation doesn’t necessarily associate celebrity with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie. Now when they hear the word “celebrity”, new names are popping up: TheFatJewish, Lilly Singh, Lele Pons, and Jenna Marbles to name just a few. These people got their rise to stardom through their viral content on the same social media networking platforms millions of us use daily.

So what is their secret? Well, when it comes to being a celebrity, you normally have to identify your craft. Figure out something that makes you “special” and then if people enjoy it and want to watch it and keep up…boom! Instant stardom! Content can be shared with the click of a button. As those shares multiply, so does your viewing audience. If you’re funny, then chances are that others will think you’re pretty funny too. Create enough content that draws people in and makes them want to keep watching and coming back for more. Jenna Marbles made herself known for her quirky humor and weekly videos. Her audience anticipates those Wednesday uploads, and she often seeks feedback or insight on themes to include in her future videos.

Perhaps what makes these internet celebrities a little more interesting than your typical “Hollywood Star” is the fact that they are so relatable. We know those deep down celebrities are regular just like you and me, but with really cool high-profile jobs. Internet celebrities drive that much closer to home. They feel even more like they are you and me – but with a ton of fans.

Another tactic these internet celebrities use is pulling the audience of others internet celebrities. Lele Pons made her way to internet stardom by creating funny Vine videos. By jumping on other famous Vine star videos and including them in hers, she was able to pull into a newer and larger audience every time. Now we rarely see her in a video without other viral internet celebrities, like Hannah Stocking.

So, whether you are an upcoming make-up guru, comedian or even a political commentator, your ability to become INSTA famous is much closer than you think! The power of the internet and social media platforms allow you reach an unlimited audience, anytime and anywhere. Your work can be either loved or hated. So get to posting and sharing, because the time to shine is now!