Social networking has changed drastically since the launch of MySpace many, many years ago. Social networking first evolved from MySpace into Facebook, where college kids were able to connect with only the students at their school. Then into Twitter, where anyone can “tweet” any short musings under 140 characters, and now has opened the door to many businesses and corporations to reach out to potential clients and customers. But what other social networks are out there, and which ones should companies to look into?


LinkedIn is apparently not that new. While it began as a professional networking site sort of related to Facebook but for professionals has now also incorporated many of the social networking aspects that make Facebook so popular. Businesses can now add their accounts and allow employees to be added to their network. Users can also add status updates in addition to all of their professional information. But, perhaps one of the best ways for businesses to utilize LinkedIn is through their job postings. You can quickly garner new employees through this social network.


Foursquare is also not relatively new, but it is a great social networking site. Using Foursquare or Swarm (check-in app from social mainstay Foursquare) that shows users where all of their friends have “checked in” to. This is a great way to get exposure to other users who might not be acquainted with your business. You can also use coupons and discounts through Foursquare, get automated CRM data and sync your Foursquare account with Twitter and Facebook.


Google+ burst onto the scene this summer, and many people are still deciding how best to use it. But some people suggest that it might be easier and better for small businesses to use than Facebook. Google announced that unique business features for Google+ would roll out by the end of the year. Such features could include Google AdWords integration and essential other advertising features that could efficiently target your client’s interests.


Klout is an impressive social network because it gives you a score based on how much you influence your followers. It’s a great way to keep your social networking initiatives in check and see how you’re doing. Klout is also a vast network to keep track of other users in your same field of interest. Also, Klout offers Klout perks, which awards users with specific incentives.

Social networking can be daunting with all the liking, tweeting, and chiming. If you have problems connecting to these social networks especially in Asian countries, try to use the virtual private network. VPN allows to connect to social networks and ensures your private date security. For example, if you’re the business manager who lives or travels to India, you just connect to VPNs servers in India and use all social networks with no problems.


So are your business takes advantage of the social network that is right for you?